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Waiter!... There's an Icelander in my Soup! (Sold Out!)

Sunday, August 18, 2019 from 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

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Sunday, August 18, 2019 from 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm
Conway Muse at 18444 Spruce Street
Conway, Washington, United States, 98238
Elfa Gisla
360.445.3000 360.445.3000
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Waiter!... There's an Icelander in my Soup!  - A Comedy Show like you've never seen before! A team of 7 actors from Iceland cause Mayhem at the Muse the night of August 18th! An interactive comedy... FUN ... Guaranteed! 

SPONSORED BY Rick Epting Foundation for the (REFA)

A Fundraiser for TASA (Theater Artists for Social Action :) 

About TASA:  A is a small group of socially-minded theatre artists whose intention is to focus on the needs of marginalized people who live in Skagit County. Our purpose is to educate and advance the understanding of social justice issues in our community with a purpose in mind of motivating people to take immediate action. Our theatre projects are research-based and focus on targeting solutions.  

Our upcoming project will focus on the homeless of Skagit County.

About the Icelandic Actors: Together We Graduated with BA from the National Dramatic Academy of Iceland 1974-1978

Edda Björgvinsdóttir is an actress at The National Theatre in Iceland. Her work in the entertainment industry in Iceland has earned her widespread recognition and national acclaim as an accomplished actress, director, writer, lecturer and motivational speaker and for the last three decades she has been this country´s most beloved comedienne of stage, television, radio and film.


Masters Diploma in Positive Psychology, University of Iceland

MA in Cultural Management, graduated from  Bifröst University, Iceland (MA-thesis on Humor in Management)



Elfa Gisla – Worked in Television, Film and as an actor at the National Theatre of Iceland, City theatre of Reykjavík as well as writing and hosting a children’s TV programs for Icelandic television stations. Storytelling, Cartoon Dubbing, Radio and the Director of Children’s, family and music Programming at Channel 2. Wrote best selling Childrens books 1989 & 1990. Produced and Directed numerous Musical and Film productions.  Founder, Director, Producer of Murder Mistresses Dinner Theater 1995-2005 – Northwest Theater Arts now knows as META and the Conway Muse.  


Guðrún Þórðardóttir -  She worked as a free lance actress at the National Theater as well with theater groups, in television and the radio until 1986. From 1986 to 2007 she worked for television and multi media companies as a producer and director of children´s programming. 2008 she graduated from The University of art (Listaháskóli Íslands) as a teacher. Now she is a teacher at Barnaspitali Hringsins (The children´s Hospital).

Helga Thorberg - After graduating from the Theatre Acting School 1978 and started working with radio programs, tv series, stand up comedian and script writing. 

Became part of the feminist political movement in Iceland and women issues have always been of big part of her work.
Had a Flower-shop for 15 years in Iceland, wrote a book in the Dominican Republic, worked as a florist in Norway and had her restaurant in Spain. 
Now member of the “Women in Stage-Art 50 plus” in Iceland. Wrote and took part in their Cabaret- project “Mountain Women” in November 2018.

Ingólfur Björn Sigurðsson - graduated as a dancer from Danshögskolan in Stockholm in 1987. He was an actor at the National Theatre of Iceland, City theatre of Reykjavík and the Akureyri Theatre. He also worked as an actor and dancer in Stockholm, including in the "Eva Lilja danscompany". He has also performed in a wide variety of movies, plays, dance productions and video performnce

Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir - has background in the theatre, being trained as an actress and a director. She has staged plays, musicals, operettas and operas, worked as a project manager for big events and organized festivals within the field of the preforming arts. She is an experienced program director for radio and tv. Her projects include the staging of The Fiddler on the Roof at the National Theatre in Iceland, Don Giovanni at the Icelandic Opera, the celebration of 50th anniversary of the Icelandic independence, the celebration of 100th anniversary of the University of Iceland, the opening ceremony of The Concert Hall Harpa and the Icelandic Celebration for the Centenary of Icelandic Independence and Sovereignty.
Kolbrún was elected parliamentarian for the Left Green Movement in 1999 and had a seat in the Icelandic Parliament for 10 years, she was a Minister for the Environment and Nordic Cooperation in the Icelandic Government in 2009. For eight years, 2010 – 2018, Kolbrún was the President for The Federation of Icelandic Artists, an umbrella organization of 15 artist’s unions/associations from all fields of the arts that entailed her sitting on the council of the Nordic Artists Association. She was also the President for ECA – The European Council of Artists 2012 – 2016. Kolbrún is a member of various boards in the cultural sector in Iceland, f.i. Chair of the Icelandic Culture Fund for children and young persons, Chair of the Board of the Icelandic Theatre Museum and a member of the Board of the Halldor Laxness Museum.
Kolbrún has been on the Board of Circolo Scandinavo, the Nordic Artists Residency since 2013, nominated by the Nordic Council of Artists, Vice Chair 2015 – 2019, Chair since 2019.



Lilja Guðrún Þórðardóttir - For the last 40 years she has been working as an actress with the National Theater and also done film, radio and telvision work. 





                                   H-BEKKUR '77 -

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Elfa Gisla

Phone: 360.445.3000 360.445.3000

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