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Louis Ledford with guest Kristin Allen Zito

Friday, January 4, 2019 from 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

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Friday, January 4, 2019 from 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm
Conway Muse at 18444 Spruce Street
Conway, Washington, United States, 98238
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Elfa Gisla
360.445.3000 360.445.3000
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Ledford - writes like he’s thrown his sack onto a fair number passenger cars. His land is the “Old Weird America” Griel Marcus wrote so emotively about. Ledford

stories seldom end with a hero on the proverbial mountaintop. His narratives are typically told by the losers, those close to the edge, in the grandest sense. This latest record puts him in front of a microphone, sans accompaniment, where he pours out live-sounding interpretations of his own music, which while not your Daddy’s folk, has one foot planted firmly either side of Cripple Creek. Adios King represents Ledford’s most accomplished work, which at its peak stands shoulder to shoulder with that of modern Americana luminaries as Gillian Welch, Patty Griffin, and the like. His time oughtta come. – 9X magazine, Richmond, VA

So,I’ve recorded a new album that will be available soon. The limited edition 10″ vinyl record Tree branch and Moonlight is available. Go to buy section and see more there. Anais Mitchell and Rachel Ries, two women so near and dear to my heart recorded a song of mine, When You Fall on their Country EP project. I couldn’t be more pleased or flattered by the result. It’s available from Righteous Babe Records. A good review of Adios King. read it here. I’m proud that Adios King made April’s top album list compiled by Richard Gillmann for FolkDJ. Please keep requesting those songs.The new album “Adios King” is out and available everywhere. Download Adios King and Reverie from Itunes. I have a recording of the Robert Blake song Farm in New Hampshire on the latest Waterbug sampler get it here. The Tin Pan Caravan website is up and going. Check it out www.tinpancaravan.co

Radio is still the best means for a singer to be heard by the largest audience. The following programs have been good enough to play my songs. Please tune in to these shows and make a request….

Saltwater Farm on WMPG, in Portland, ME.

Regina’s Mighty Shores on 91.3 FM, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Folk Music Show on WBGU FM, in Bowling Green, OH.

The Front Porch Radio Show on WXOU 88.3 FM in Auburn Hills, MI.

Simple Folk on KXCI, Tucson, AZ.

Hootenanny Power, WRKF Baton Rouge, LA.

Kristin Allen-Zito - is songwriter from Bellingham, WA, well known for being the lead singer of the electro-punk band The Trucks. However she is also a solo artist whose songs are rooted in the folk idiom, strongly influenced by pop and indie-rock. She has played shows around the Pacific Northwest for years, and has also made several regional tours of the West Coast, Southwest, Midwest, & New York. 
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Cost & Tickets

Starting at USD 7.00
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Elfa Gisla

Phone: 360.445.3000 360.445.3000

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Conway Muse

18444 Spruce Street
Conway, Washington, United States
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